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Halie Behr is an accomplished auction professional with a passion for the nonprofit and fundraising industry. She is a 2010 World Wide College of Auctioneering graduate, a 2013 International Junior Auctioneer Champion, and a 2014 Benefit Auction Specialist.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality Management from Iowa State University, Halie moved out west to the great Rocky Mountain State to pursue her desire of auctioneering and consulting. She finds joy in helping nonprofits, school, and foundations with their event planning and strategic fundraising endeavors.


The three E’s to Halie’s success include her authentic enthusiasm to the cause or client she is working with. She resonates positivity and passion for each organization she becomes involved with. Her goal is to enthusiastically create a mission-based focus, so attendees can fully relate to the values of the organization while having fun at the same time. Halie is passionate about every organization she works with. If she is not passionate about your cause, then how can your audience be? We want them coming back year after year donating lots of money while also having the very best time.


Energy is key when conducting a fundraising event. You can catch Halie jumping off the stage, running from bidder to bidder, playing couple’s off of one another, and originating wit while also formulating hysterical jokes throughout the event. Halie’s goal is to engage and gather the attention of every bidder in the room. Her commanding stage presence and champion chant retain audiences from all over the United States.


Coming from a well-respected auction family, Halie has learned techniques from some of the best, including her uncle, who is a three-time world champion auctioneer. Her expertise and experience are quite impressive having worked all over the United States, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for various nonprofits, schools, and a variety of organizations. Halie’s involvement in various state associations and the National Auctioneers Association helps her to continue to educate herself on the latest and greatest in the fundraising and auction industry with special designations, summits and seminars, and classes taught by world renowned educators.